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Seeing Multiple
Every once in a while I'll come across a cover that is similar to another one, either because it features the same model, the same clothes or even because it features almost the same art with a few differences here and there. You could almost say I'm "seeing multiple". It can be anything really, even books with the same title or theme that is portrayed the same. But the ones that fascinate me the most are the ones with the same models or very similar cover art and clothes. A lot of the time I love the books that have these covers and I also love the covers, however similar. Yet, it still fascinates me, so I will post about it whenever I come across similar covers. Hence, this feature.

Waiting on Wednesday
This meme is hosted by Breaking the Spine. It allows us to talk about drool over the books that we're dying to read. You know, the ones that insist on taking their sweet time coming out. You know who you are. *Yes, I'm looking at you...and you...and you. Anyway, you get the point. We basically spend our Wednesdays torturing ourselves by waiting on books we're anticipating and finding new books to wait on.

Daily (or not-so-daily) Discovery
This is supposed to be a daily post, emphasis on the "supposed to be". It's my way of sharing with you whatever awesomeness I come across on a daily (or not-so-daily) basis. It can be book related...or not. Whatever I care about or am excited about, I'll share, mostly books, movies and probably art. But you never know. I might surprise you. It doesn't even have to be something I've just discovered, it can be something I've recently rediscovered. You know, why limit myself when I don't have to.

Pondering Pages
Often, when I've finished a book, a review just isn't enough. I'll feel like raving about it some more or I'll want to talk about an issue or theme that came up in the book. I won't always mention what book I'm talking about, just so I don't spoil anything for anyone. This is just my way of thinking and talking about the stuff I read, discussing it with myself and , hopefully, others.

Story Time!
Pondering Pages actually started out as Story Time, but kind of evolved, because I decided I wanted a separate feature to talk about specific books or the themes and issues presented in them. In the future I'll use this feature to "tell stories", well, sort of. These can be coherent discussions about everything and anything or I might get sentimental and talk about my childhood and my love for books. They might also be rants, either about book related things or non book related things.  I might even decide to start writing a book and post it here in parts for you to read (and hopefully enjoy). You never know.

Shelf Candy Saturday
This is an awesome feature hosted by Steph over at Five Alarm Book Reviews. It gives us the opportunity to look at something that is at least of some importance when it comes to the first impression a book makes, the covers. We get to talk about the cover art we adore and the amazing designers and artists behind them. I love art and cover art is just a really great part of that.

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