TV Talk: Castle's Caskett Baby names, Because Why Not?

So since I've been thinking that Beckett (from the TV Show Castle, for those of you who've just joined the party) might be pregnant, it made me wonder about good Caskett baby names. Even if Beckett isn't pregnant now, she'll probably get pregnant at some point on the show. So I figure why not speculate.

I decided that the names had to have some significance, because everything this couple says or does on this show means something. So I thought, which names would mean something to Caskett?

This is what I came up with:

For a boy: - Roy Alexander Castle or Alexander Roy Castle
For a girl: - Nikki Johanna Castle
                  - A name that means "Always"

The first name I came up with was Roy. It seems fitting that they would name their son after captain Montgomery, since he brought them together by pretty much forcing Beckett to work with Castle. He was also Beckett's protector behind the scenes, until he sort of passed that torch to Castle. Though Castle was already protecting Beckett on a daily basis, Montgomery (and Jim) calling on Castle to protect Beckett made it official in a way.

I chose Alexander because I feel like Beckett finding out that Castle's middle name was actually Alexander was a significant moment for her and maybe even for her relationship with Castle. I think it's the first time she realized that there might be a possible future for them in the cards.

The problem with the combination of "Roy Alexander" is that having Roy as a first name, it wouldn't be a stretch to think that people would figure out that they named their kid after the former captain. It could raise questions as to why, from people not part of "the immediate family."

The problem with Alexander Roy is that Castle's daughter is Alexis, which makes me wonder if her name was derived from his middle name. But that wasn't the point I was trying to make. The point is, can you imagine having two kids, Alexander and Alexis or Alex and Alexis? So weird.

For a girl I came up with Nikki, just because of what Special Agent Shaw said about Nikki in season 2. That Nikki was part Beckett, part Castle. It just made sense.

And Johanna, I think Kate would want to honor her mother that way. Also because Johanna's murder is part of what connected Castle and Beckett, what both stunted and furthered their relationship at separate moments throughout the years.

And do I even have to explain why I would want Caskett to give their daughter a name that means "Always"? I think not. I honestly think this would be the perfect choice of a name or rather a name meaning for a girl. The ones I could find that I liked were Aina (pronounced Aheenah) and Zaniyah.

So what do you think? What would you name a future Caskett baby if mr. Marlowe asked the fans to pick the name?


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  3. I came up with Alexander Mongomery Castle, and Johanna Katherine Castle.


  4. For their three kids, talked about in "Time Will Tell" episode, I thought they would name 1.) Roy Alexander Castle- Boy
    2.) Cosmo Montgomery Castle- Boy
    3.) Nikki Johannah Castle- Girl


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