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Hi, sunshines!

So I've been fangirling over this video for most of the day and I finally decided to write a post about it before I break the replay button for it on You Tube. It's about The Lizzie Bennet Diaries!!!
Those of you who've seen the last video for this webshow know exactly what I'm talking about.
*winks If you haven't checked this show out yet, I strongly, STRONGLY suggest that you do, because it's awesome!

It's basically a modern day video interpretation of the book Pride and Prejudice and it's produced by Hank Green, John Green's brother. I love those two by the way.  We get to follow Elizabeth (Lizzie) Bennet's life through a video diary and we meet all the key characters either personally or through role plays Lizzie does with the characters who do show up. And to make it all even more awesome, we can follow the characters on Twitter, where we get real updates and real live twitter conversations between the characters and even a picture now and then. This show just blows my mind. I love all the characters, I love the way it's put together, I just love everything about it! And I haven't even read the actual book it's based on yet. It's actually sitting right next to me at this very moment, probably secretly staring at me when I'm not looking.

And now to the point.

SPOILER for those who've never seen The Lizzie Bennet Diaries!!!

 I'm fangirling!!!! That last video (Ep: 78) was...unbelievable. Everything about it was perfect. There was so much cute awkwardness, it almost leaked through my screen. There was staring deeply into each other's eyes. There was leaning in and almost-smiles.  There was even a "Thank you" and an awkward arm pat-touch. Really, love was in the air. It's finally happening!
*Bounces off the walls

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