Contest Entry for an ARC of The Nightmare Affair by Mindee Arnett: Meet Liz Drake

The author of The Nightmare Affair, Mindee Arnett, is having a really great contest. We’re supposed to show her our visual interpretation of Magickind. Up for grabs is an ARC of The Nightmare Affair. It’s about a Nightmare, a mythical creature who feeds on the dreams/ nightmares of others.

You can check it out here: Goodreads

The Nightmare Affair

I first came in contact with nightmares through the Soul Screamers series and I think the idea is extremely cool. I’m intrigued. When I think about Magickind, the first thing that comes to mind is dragons.

So for this contest I decided to interview a friend of mine and show a drawing I did of her.

Me: Meet Lizette Drake. She’s a dragon shifter.

Liz: Hey, don’t tell everyone that! No human knows, you know. And I prefer Liz.

Kal: Heey, dragongirl.

Liz: Well, except for Kal. That would be him. He’s my best friend.

Me: But what did you think we were going to talk about when I asked you to do a video with me?

Liz: I don’t know, vampires, werewolves or that yummy alien from the Lux series. Daemon, I think his name was?

Me: Sorry about that, I thought you knew. Is it okay? We can stop, if you want.

Liz: No, that's okay. 

Me: I hope you don’t mind that I drew a picture of you.

Liz: No, it’s fine. It’s actually pretty good. I like that you drew me half human, half dragon.

Me: Thanks. It's actually not finished yet. I still need to color it. It's a shame that in this one your fiery red hair and that beautiful blue crystal around your neck haven't been done justice.  But anyway, Liz, tell us someting about yourself.

Liz: Well, since you’ve already pretty much told everyone... My name is Liz and I’m a dragon shifter. Kal likes to call me dragongirl. He says no one will believe I’m an actual dragon girl. I guess he’s right. Stories have been told for centuries about my kind, but no one really believes them. Kal wouldn’t have believed hem either if it wasn’t for...

Me: If it wasn’t for what?

Liz: Well..., there was the incident that happened when I was 5. But what really brought the whole thing home was the accident that happened when I was 13. *sigh I was really lucky no one else found out what I am.

Me: Do tell.

Liz: Well, you see, Kal and I have known each other since we were really little. We pretty much grew up together. We’re neighbors and I didn’t listen when my parents told me to stay away from the human boy next door. I was curious, so I would go over to his house and play with him whenever my parents weren’t looking. Now, we turn for the first time when we’re about five. We’re actually born human, or at least looking like humans. Our eyes start out yellowish-gold when we’re born but the color fades to some shade of brown within the first few hours. Something about the heat in the womb supposedly causes the golden color of our eyes. Anyway, when we’re about 5 we turn for the first time. We heat up, start running a fever, which makes our eyes turn golden and once our body stops fighting the transformation, we turn. It just so happens that when that happened to me, Kal was with me. He actually saw my eyes flash golden, but my family convinced him that he was seeing things.

Then, when we were thirteen, I accidentally set my tent on fire on a camping trip. I was trying to light a fire with two rocks, but it didn’t work. Kal came over to help, but I was already so frustrated, sweat was dripping down my face, and I wanted to light the fire so badly that I sort of lost control of my body and lit the fire the only way I apparently knew how, with my breath. It wasn’t pretty. The tent caught fire and Kal helped me put it out and then covered for me. He told our guide that he’d brought matches to light the fire because it was easier and that he’d thrown the lit match he’d used over his shoulder without thinking afterwards.

Me: So, how did Kal react to you being a firebreather?

Liz: Well, he thinks it’s cool, has from the moment he found out.

Me: Do you have any special powers?

Liz: Well, I can breathe fire, shoot it from my eyes, manipulate it, create it with my hands in the shape of fire balls (in human form) and throw them. I can also sear/burn things with my hands. But my powers aren’t at full strength yet. That’ll happen when I turn 18. And myunique power will kick in then, too.

Me: Your unique power?

Liz: Yeah, each of us gets a power that’s specific to us when they turn 18, sometimes they’re passed on from our ancestors, sometimes we get an entirely new power, but that’s rare.

Me: So, you can possibly get your mother or father’s power?

Liz: Usually it would be my great grandmother or great great grandfather’s power or something like that.

Me: Well, what about your parents? What power do they think you’ll get?

Liz: Well, my parents died when I was 7, so it would be hard for them to have an opinion about it now.

Me: O gee, what happened?

Liz: Hunters happened. You see, the dragon state is our natural state. When we first turn, our body fights the transition, but after that it’s pretty easy. But when we get old, the term natural state gets a little more serious meaning. We’re pulled to stay dragon and if we stay in our natural state for too long we become more animal than human. Our predatory nature takes over, we can basically lose our minds, lose ourselves. Our human side just fades away and we become a firebreathing monster. Some of us retreat into a cave. It’s like Alzheimer’s but only it happens to dragon shifters. And once we cross that line, there’s no getting back from that. That’s what happened to a distant uncle of mine. My parents went to help but my uncle had already killed a human and was hunted and killed because of it. His entire family was killed, too, including my parents, because they were there.

Me: That’s horrible.

Liz: It is. But it's okay. It was a long time ago.

*The interview you’ve read is completely fictional. Liz Drake and her friend Kalil, Kal for short, merely exist in my head. ;)

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