Rejoicing over The Vampire Diaries Developments

Hi, sunshine!!!

So, I watched the new promo for the next The Vampire Diaries episode and even thinking about it now, I'm extremely excited. It seems all my Delena dreams will be coming true in the near future! I'm so excited!. Well, that future could have been nearer if this episode would just air next week! But I won't let it keep me down. I can wait 2 weeks for "something more" Delena to happen. * she says bravely

I'm sad thatCaroline and Tyler seem to have broken up, though. I love them together. But I'm guessing Klaus will sweep in and try to be the knight in shining amour? I like him, but I don't   like him for Caroline. I'm pretty sure he'd be an abusive boyfriend. But seeing Caroline deal with him will definitely make for interesting tv.

See, Forwood, this is why we don't pretend to be and do things that we're not actually being and doing, like being broken up! There's a little thing called the law of attraction, you know. Don't mess with it.  

I'm also guessing that Bonnie and that professor will get into a relationship at some point.

I'm also wndering whether the professor needs the cure himself. When he talked about Silas, who was cursed...or something, he looked like he was refering to himself. And maybe the cure can help.

Either way, I can't wait for the next episode. What about you?

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