I was just watching The Vow, a movie about a girl or actually a woman who gets into a car accident and forgets the last five years of her life.  This includes the fact that she's married, has made art her job and is living in the city. And it made me wonder who I would be, if  I wasn't influenced by my memories. I believe in reincarnation and it made me wonder, if we are really reincarnated into a new life repeatedly, if that's why we forget our past lives. Because, when you think about it, it takes away the baggage that memories, a past, can create. Taking that away, means not being weighed down by our past decisions, our past experiences, experiences we do not always perceive as good. It means broader horizons, the belief that we have choices and the ability to be whoever we want, something that's true with or without past life memories, but that we usually don't believe. It means being who you are at the core without anything else to define you.

Think of a murderer who decides he wants to change his life. If being a murderer is all he remembers, all he believes he can be and do, do you think he'll choose a different path, even if he wants to? And even if he does, do you think those who know him as a murderer will believe he's changed even when he doesn't kill anyone else for the rest of his life? I think it's more likely that those around him will think that he's gotten better at hiding the bodies.

But take ths same murderer and take away his memories. Take away the memories of those around him. If this person, who was peviously a murderer wants to choose a different path, then his choice, his life has just gotten a whole lot easier. He doesn't have to deal with judgments, with prejudice, because they're simply not there.

So I think that life is not about finding yourself, but about creating yourself. Having no idea of who you are when you are born means you get to decide who you are, you get to create who you are, define who you are, without letting yourself be influenced by the opinions of others or memories or insecurities, because you can be and do anything you want to be and do. When you were born, you didn't come with instructions, like clothes can come with the label "not machine washable". The only label we come with is "miracle" since science still hasn't managed to figure out how every part of our development manages to happen right on time from the point of conception to birth, without the help of mankind.

What this means for us as a species is that we are limitless. Well, our body might not be, but our mind and soul are, which is basically the same thing, since the mind is able to call into existence whatever it chooses to. And I think that's pretty cool.

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