X-Men Discoveries

I just finished watching all 4 X-Men movies. Here's what I thought going into the 4th movie.

  1. The humans started the war with the mutants out of fear for the unknown and very likely dangerous powers of the mutants
  2. Wolverine was probably in his thirties in the first through third movie, even though his age was undeterminable.
  3. Xavier is awesome, but sort of an innocent bystander who did everything he could to prevent World War 3 from happening at the hands of the mutants.
  4. Xavier lost his legs somewhere in the time period when he was training Jean, Storm and Scott or shortly before he started training them.
What I discovered:
  1. Wolverine is at least the same age as Xavier and Magneto and most likely much older, not younger than them as I originally thought. I really should have taken his cell regenerative powers more seriously. People should start bottling that. It's also funny that Magneto and Xavier actually met him when they were young, way before Stryker got his hands on him. And when I say way before, I mean waaaaay before, because apparently Stryker was still a little boy.
  2. Magneto would never have become everything he became without Xavier. Xavier taught Magneto to use and control his powers to his full potential, something he would never have learnt on his own, seeing as he based his power on anger, which was an unreliable and unstable source. Xavier also provided Magneto with the best, power-wise, and most loyal mutant sidekick he could have ever dreamed of. Too bad he discarded her like yesterday's trash the moment she was cured, which leads me to number 3.
  3. Xavier and Beast might not have accepted the mutant side/ mutant appearance of Raven/Mystique, but in X- Men 3 it's clear that Magneto doesn't accept Raven's human side. He loved Raven because of her mutant gene, while Xavier and Beast loved her for her personality and seemingly human appearance. Either way, Raven was never loved for all of who she was, only for parts of it. That's a really sad realization, one I'm sure Raven ultimately came to herself. Which makes me think about Wolverine and how he accepted Jean completely. He could care less that she had a split personality. I'm pretty sure that if she wasn't so uncontrollably lethal to herself and others he wouldn't have had a problem.
  4. Xavier lost the use of his legs twice? According to the 4th movie, a prequel, Xavier lost his legs then, when he was young, but then years later he manages to walk into Jean's house alongside Magneto, when they're recruiting Jean. First I thought that it was the same recruiting period shown in the 4th movie, but that's not the case, because in the 4th movie they recruited Alex Summers, who I'm guessing is Scott Summers' dad, and Jean is of Scott's and therefore a later generation. So basically, Xavier manages to lose the use of his legs when he's young, then walk into Jean's house years later, only to be back in a wheelchair even more years later. Yeah.
  5. It's unbelievable how much the choices of the mutants affected their future, both separately and as a whole. In my opinion, the war was started by a small group of mutants with an agenda that I probably won't understand until I re-watch the last X-Men movie. But I think it had something to do with their idea that they are a superior race, afraid of being discovered and hunted out of fear for their abilities. The sad part is that they were the ones that gave the humans a reason to fear and hunt them. (Also, Xavier recruiting mutants for the government was a really, really bad move. He should have recruited and trained them in secret from the start.) Then there was Magneto who only saltened the wound, declaring war on humanity, because one human mistreated him. That's the problem with all species, we tend to generalize. If one of a certain species hurts us, then naturally, automatically, they are all bad, all dangerous and therefore all deserve to die. That mistake was made by both sides, the mutants as well as the humans. We fear what we are not and what we don't understand, don't we? Then there's the separate mutants in the last movie. Mystique/ Raven could have chosen a future with Beast. I think he loved her, even if he could not accept her. He also became what he couldn't accept and in time I think he woud have learnt to accept himself and by extension, Raven. It's apparent in the third X-Men movie, since Beast doesn't opt to receive the cure. Yet Mystique chose Magneto over the love she clearly lacks and misses in all the other X-Men movies. She thought she was choosing acceptance, but in the end it was proven that she chose the wrong person to receive that acceptance from.  There's also Xavier, who could have chosen a life of love, a partner to rule his school with. Granted, she was human, but still.  He didn't trust her, though, which I kind of understand, since he couldn't risk putting the future of his school and its students in danger in the event that she turned on him. But I can't help but think that she wouldn't. She seemed  as loyal as Mystique and there seemed to be more than loyalty there, too.
  6. Xavier is still awesome, but not an innocent bystander, on the contrary. He meant well, but he's basically part of the catalyst that set everything in motion, both the good and the bad. 
  7. None of this changes the fact that I do not agree with a lot of things that happened in the third X-Men movie, although it was a decent movie. But if I have to elaborate on that, I'll need another post so I'll leave it at this.

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