Hello Sunshine + The Vampire Diaries returns tomorrow!

Hello sunshine!

I know it's been a long time no...write, but guess what? I'm back!!! Or at least I think I am. And I just finished THE most amazing book, which I will tell you about after the break in my next post. First, I just wanted to write a proper hello and tell you to make yourself at home. I've just dusted the place off after a long vacation away from it, so really, make yourself comfortable.

And of course I need to tell you that I am freaking out! The Vampire Diaries returns tomorrow!!!!! Or later today actually since it's already morning in my country. Nobody in my house understands my infatuation with TVD. So I'm hoping to find some kindred spirits online. Man, I can't wait for this show to be back. It should be illegal for it to take such a long break between seasons.

I'm dying to know what's going to happen! The season finale was epic and left me wondering how I was going to survive without the show, which seems to have become an annual thing since I discovered it.

Anyway, so much went down last season. But the big question is, what will happen now? We were left with Elena on the verge of being a vampire, Rebecca and Elijah all but ready to kill everyone who had anything to do with Klaus' supposed death and last but not least, Klaus in Tyler's body. I hope I didn't forget anything, which is entirely possible with the amount of information crammed into one episode. Not that I'm complaining, you wonderful and amazingly talented writers.

There's so much to contemplate.

Let's start with Tyler-Klaus-Caroline
By the looks of the season 4 promo, Klaus (in Tyler's body) and Caroline will might sleep together. That is so epically wrong and sort of shamefully right at the same time. I love Klaus, well, we've sort of got a love-hate relationship going on. He's just so good at being bad. But you can see that he likes Caroline. He's completely wrong for her, but at the same time I'm wondering whether it could work. I feel like they'd blow up if they were together. I'm not sure yet if that would be a good thing or a bad thing, though

So question one: How will Tyler react if something happens between Klaus and Caroline?
I'm thinking that Caroline will kill Klaus, unless Tyler gets to him first, of course. Or at least they'll try...until they realize that if he dies, so will they, so there goes that plan. So any other ideas?

Now what about Eena's future vampirism and choice between the Salvatore's?
We all know she never wanted to be a vampire and we also know that she chose Stefan before the big change. But what will happen now?

So question 2 (and yes, I can count): Will Elena turn?
I think we all know that Elena will turn, especially with Damon around. Elena already died, because she wanted to make her own choice and Stefan let her. I doubt Damon will let her choose to die. He'll probably make her turn and then apologize for it later.

Question 3: Who will Elena choose (and will she choose this season)?

Let's look at the facts (which  might also be defined as the truth being stretched), shall we?
When Damon and Elena first met, which was before she even met Stefan, he compelled her to "find what she was looking for." Then Elena's parents died. Elena's world was turned upside down. She was looking for fighting to regain some stability, some security in her life. Enter Stefan. Can you see where I'm going with this? Then she meets Damon. He likes her, she likes him, but she doesn't want to like him. Stefan goes ballistic, turning into a ripper (granted, for a very noble cause). Elena feels "compelled" to search for him, despite the fact that he's turned ino a heartless killer. I could go on and on. The point is...what is the point?

All I know is that soon, Elena will remember all the awesomeness that is Damon that he compelled her to forget and I'm hoping that her infatuation with Stefan was just a by-product of Damon compelling her to go after what she was looking for, which at the time was security and stability, which are basically the definition you will find when you look Stefan up in the dictionary. Maybe turning into a vampire will heighten her senses in such a way that she'll realize that what she was looking for, Stefan, is no longer what she needs and maybe never was. That what she actually needs is Damon. With that said, dear God, if Elena has to sleep with someone, please let it be Damon. I'll even take Elijah. But not Stefan. Just not Stefan. Don't worry Stelena shippers, you're welcome to convince me otherwise.

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