Shelf Candy Saturday #1

Shelf Candy Saturday is a seriously awesome weekly meme hosted by Steph over at 
I have been wanting to do this meme for the longest time, because I absolutely love art and cover art is just a part of that. And actually being able to talk about the great designers behind the covers we adore is just a brilliant idea, in my opinion.

So for the first time ever on my blog I give you: Shelf Candy Saturday!!!

You understand that the cover has to be awesome for my Shelf Candy Saturday debut, right?

Therefore, this week I'm featuring...

Slumber by Samantha Young

Slumber (The Fade, #1)

When Haydyn falls victim to the mysterious Sleeping Disease, the world of Phaedra is thrown into Chaos.
Rogan, Haydyn’s best friend and handmaiden, is the only one who can save her. Together, with the Royal Guard and their young Captain, Wolfe Stovia, Rogan must set off across the provinces to find the Somna Plant that will wake Haydyn from her dying sleep.

Beset on all sides by the chaos, Rogan tumbles into a dark world of kidnapping, prejudice, betrayal and love… a journey that will change her forever, and a journey that will change their world forever, if she does not retrieve the cure.

YA Fantasy Romance for mature teens+ (some content may not be suitable for younger readers)

I fell in love with the cover of this book the moment I saw it on Goodreads. It really reminds me of a fairy tale, specifically a fairy tale princess or a mermaid. The silvery-green strands in the girl's hair, the blue-greenish tones of the entire cover, the contrast between light and dark, the girl's plain complexion and slightly open, almost pouty mouth, it all just works together to make this cover look absolutely magical. She also really does look like she's sleeping peacefully, but the angle of the picture is very interesting. Every time I look at the cover I think the girl is suspended in air (or water), floating upright.  And the pretty, curly, almost golden title and the author's name in white on a shadowy background just stand out. 

A little while ago I discovered the amazing artist who designed this stunning cover and I fell in love with her work. Who is this artist might you ask? Well, read on.

The Artist
Claudia McKinney (a.k.a. Phatpuppy Art(ist)) is a professional digital artist specializing in book covers for bestselling authors. She has done over 120 covers now in the Kindle & Nook marketplace, and booksellers worldwide.Some of the publishing houses include Random House, Llewellyn, Simon & Schuster.
A few of the authors you may recognize - Amanda Hocking, Aaron Patterson, JL Bryan, and Courtney Milan.

Like I said, I think this artist is amazing. If I ever write my own book, I'll definitely consider her to do my cover art, if she's still available. And something tells me I'll feature her again on Shelf Candy Saturday because there are just so many covers I love that were done by her. (So don't look too closely at all her art when you visit her website ;).)

Look, isn't it breathtaking what she can do with a simple picture?

I also found this on one of her many pages I stalk. Look, it's the art before it became a book cover (I think).

I swear the book cover is a little different every time I look it up on Goodreads, so I decided to post as many versions of it as I could find. So if you think you're seeing triple and there's something wrong with your eyes, well, there isn't.

If you would like to stalk the artist like I do, you can do that here:

Also check out the blog of Samantha Young. She just did a post on her book covers, of which all but one is done by Phatpuppyart. You can find that post here.

So what do you think of the cover of Slumber? Have you read it or any other books by Samantha Young? Have you heard of the cover designer and are you as obsessed with her work as I am?

Personally, I love Samantha Young's books. Although I haven't read this one yet, I have read the first two books of The Warriors of Ankh series and I really liked them. I still have to read the last one and I should read this one as well because I think it sounds amazing.

So tell me in the comments what you think. Don't be shy, I don't bite :).

*The pictures used in this post do not belong to me. 


  1. Great choice! I love this cover! I haven't read any of Samantha Young's books but she's on my to read list!

    I was just looking at the before/after's on the artists website and I'm amazed! She's very talented!

  2. Wow this is gorgeous. I haven't seen this before and I am glad you have showed it!! I love the way her hair just floats around her and the colors are just gorgeous. I love the different versions you found as well I like the one right with the script type font. The synopsis is intriguing as well!

    1. I love it! And I agree, the colors just make it look so beautiful and unique :). I actually loved the one on the left the most, maybe because it's the first one I saw and because I like the contrast of the gold text on the blue-ish background, but while I was making this post, I realized I love all of them. I think the one on the right is so pretty, because of the almost rainbow-ish rim around the white text. I also think it's awesome that one of Rachel@Fiktshun's quotes is featured on the cover since she's one of my favorite bloggers.

      And I so need to read this book, it sounds awesome :)

  3. Hi, Kimberley!

    Thanks for commenting on my Shelf Candy post!

    I'm so glad you're aboard for this meme!! You've made a STUNNING choice for your first post, too! I LOVE this cover!! First of all,, the background colors are just gorgeous. I also love the way the artist has rendered the girl's hair -- it does seem as if she's floating in water. Her facial expression, her creamy skin, the two contrasting fonts used -- everything is just perfect!

    I also enjoyed reading the information about the artist, as well as looking at the extras. It's interesting that you included three versions of the same cover.

    Thanks for sharing!! Great choice, and great post!! : )

    Maria @ http://anightsdreamofbooks.blogspot.com/

    1. Hi, I loved your post, too. I love how you pay attention to the details of the cover, sometimes things I didn't even notice before you mentioned them. I also liked the post you did last week, I think it was. The one with the cover of Zoe Mariott's book. I loved that one too :)

  4. P.S. I'm your newest follower now!! : )

  5. I think the cover is gorgeous. I agree that she looks peaceful but she also looks like she is in water or falling which adds some danger to it. Really beautiful colors too!

    1. Now that you mention it, it does look like she's falling as well and yes, that would be dangerous, since she's sleeping.

  6. This cover is gorgeous. I love all of the movement! I have not yet read anything by Samantha Young. I seriously have to try one. I am so happy to have you participating! Great post.

    1. I love your meme so I'm happy to participate :).

  7. The colors on this cover are so beautiful. Again, such a dark cover, but also inviting. Thanks for sharing. my scs http://jennreneeread.blogspot.com/2012/04/shelf-candy-saturday-8-dead-is-by.html


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