Seeing Multiple #2

I created "Seeing Multiple" to shed some light on covers that are similar to each other, for instance because they feature the same model, clothing or setting. Whenever I come across these covers, I'll post them here, simply because I think they're fascinating.

 Some of my favorites are those that feature the same model.

And for this post, I actually found three covers with the same model. 

The first one is the cover for Smokeless Fire by Samantha Young. It came out last year and the subject matter sounds fascinating. It's actually about Jinn (think Aladdin's genie)! I have read and loved books by Samantha Young before and I think I'll like this one. Now, out of the three covers, I think this one is my favorite. I think it's absolutely magical and breathtaking. But, then again, I'm also obsessed with the work of the cover designer known as Phatpuppyart.

The second cover is for Touch of Death by Kelly Hashway. I actually came across this cover when I was looking for new books to drool over. And let me tell you, this one sounds drool worthy. It's definitely one that I'll be featuring in my Waiting on Wednesday post. The main character is a necromancer! Can you see me jumping up and down in my chair?! Well, I'm excited! I first came across necromancers in The Darkest Powers series by Kelley Armstrong of which the main character, Chloe was also a necromancer. and while creepy I think it's awesome. For those who don't know, necromancers can control the dead, which includes bringing them back to life. Now apparently the main character of Touch of Death can not only bring the dead back to life, she can also kill the living! You see why I'm looking forward to this?
Wait, wasn't this post supposed to be about book covers? Um, so back to that. I love the cover for Touch of Death! I think it has the perfect balance between dark and light. I also love the pose of the model and the way her hair blows around her face. But I think my favorite part is the lacy, frilly collar of her blouse. I could have sworn I've seen the picture somewhere before, though...

The third cover is for The Fate of Destiny by Danielle Bourdon. This is also one that sounds awesome, although I don't have a clear idea of what it's about. The synopsis hints at the paranormal and possibly the Fates, those who control the fate of mortals. I have never read a book about the Fates so this'll definitely be interesting. The cover for this book looks very similar to the first one, with the exception that they are edited in different ways. The first one seems to focus more on fire, light and magic, while the third seems to focus more on darkness, storms and bad weather or if I look at the synopsis, natural disasters, namely tornadoes.

So what do you think, am I seeing multiple? Have you noticed the similarities between these three covers before? What do you think of the covers separately? Have you read the books or are you excited to read them?

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