Sacred by Farrah Naseem

Sacred (Sacred Book 1)
When Sasha Stryker meets Ariston Kavanagh, she is entranced by his good looks but mystified by his odd behavior. After all, he keeps asking her how she sees him even though he's standing right in front of her. Yet, she can't deny the strange and powerful attraction she feels towards him.   

At the same time, her ex-best-friend-current-nemesis Connor Macho starts showing a romantic interest in her as well. Is Connor truly attracted to Sasha, or is this another move in his war against Sasha and Ariston's relationship?

Sasha finds out the whole truth when she is attacked by a lioness one night! To her utter bewilderment, her savior is a white tiger that morphs into the last person she wants to be indebted to. 

This encounter shatters her notion of the world as she knows it and her love affair comes to a crashing halt when all truths are revealed. Just as she's trying to cope with the truth about Ariston and Connor, other nocturnal creatures called Friaries try to kidnap her for their own nefarious purpose.

What I think
I really liked this book. But when I finished it, my thoughts were in complete disarray and I honestly didn't know what to think. There was just so much going through my mind. But the truth is that I really liked it.

First of all, this book started out absolutely awesome. And it immediately gave me material to start thinking up theories of what was going on. I assume you know by now that I always try to figure out the plot from the start, I always have at least one theory and this was no different. But this book was hard to figure out in a weird way. But I think that's partly because I couldn't remember the entire synopsis and I refused to read it again, because I wanted to be surprised. And boy, was I and that is not easy to do.

The story
As I said, the story started out absolutely awesome. After the beginning it kind of slowed down a bit. It alternated between sucking me in and then letting go of me a little, but it was enough to distract me, to make me get up to do something else for a second, which of course always took a lot longer than that. . But about a quarter of the way through, I got sucked in completely and I'm happy to say that it didn't let go of me after that.  I loved the paranormal elements. I think I read this book for six hours straight, until I was finished. Which means I stayed up most of the night. I just couldn't look away. But I really don't regret it. It was awesome!

The characters
Okay, so you know how I mentioned that my thoughts were completely scrambled after I finished this book? Well, it's because of the characters. I liked them, but they also made me so angry.
I liked Sasha, she was smart, bookish and I loved her witty, smart ass replies to Connor. I also liked that looks weren't that important to her. But it was weird, because it seemed that at the same time they were. She was so insecure and she kept putting herself down.  Maybe it wasn't so much that she didn't think looks were important, but it was more that she had given up on ever looking beautiful therefore looks weren't important, only brains were. I understand the insecurity, trust me, but saying to a guy that no guy is interested in you when he obviously is or that you're not beautiful when he obviously thinks so, is just...it's just...ugh. And I think the biggest reason why I have a problem with this, is because she sounded beautiful. Based on her description I would think she was pretty, but like the girl from She's All That or The Princess Diaries who just needed a little bit of a makeover.
Anyway, next character. Let's go to one I really loved. Connor, Sasha's ex-best friend!!!!
Honestly Connor was an ass. But that's not why I liked him. I liked him because  no matter what, he did care about Sasha. And he was kind of funny. While I started out not trusting him and wanting Sasha to ignore him, slowly but surely I started to trust him. The thing with Connor was that he was really mature, well , when it came to most things. I liked his way of thinking and agreed with him in  almost everything. Was it the right thing to trust him? *Whispers: Read the book and you'll find out.
I also really liked Ethan, Sasha's current best friend. He was just a really great friend. *sigh I just love reading about guys who are amazing best friends.
Ooh and I loved Sasha's mom. The woman was fun and hilarious and just girly. I also like that she's Pakistani and that she's laid back despite all the rules she must've grown up with.
Then there was the one who was the cause of most of my anger and confusion. You know I'm looking at you Ariston *glares at Ariston. Well, I won't let him take all the blame because it was more the combination of him and Sasha together. I just...I can't even...
Wait, let's start at the beginning. I started out really liking Ariston. Okay, I admit it, I was in love. The guy's charming and very possibly hotness incarnate, although I wouldn't mind finding Connor sitting all wrapped up like a present on my terrace. *cough Anyway, Ariston sounded like a dream come true. So of course I immediately didn't trust him. Actually, there was another reason why I didn't trust him just like there was a reason why started trusting Connor, but I don't want to spoil anything so I won't mention it. (Please come back when you've read the book because I really need someone to talk to about it.) But that wasn't even the reason why I started disliking him. I started disliking him, because I realized that I didn't agree with how he handled things.

I was like...

Let's just say, he was a little immature and he didn't think things at least one thing through.  And when Ariston and Sasha were together, her insecurities doubled and after "IT" happened (I know you want to know what "IT" is ;) ), I just didn't always agree with Sasha's actions. Which made me object to the last part of the book. Although that last line almost made me fall in love with Ariston all over again. Almost. The thing is that he's a sweet guy, but I just can't get over the rest. And then there is my theory, which if true just makes everything worse.

The gist
I really liked Sacred. I loved the story, it was really well thought out and it was such a page turner ( See: stayed up most of the night to read). The only problem I really had was with some of the characters' actions. And in a way I think that made the story better. It's just that I love to love my characters. And I hate it when they annoy me. And I'm not talking about sarcasm, (because I love that) but more stupidity and immaturity. While there wasn't really stupidity, there was immaturity. But can I really fault teens for that? *sigh
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  1. Am I the only one getting tired of this sort of plot line? It drives me insane. You have quite a few book reviews, do you ever feel like you're reading the same plot line over and over and over?

    1. Well, yeah, I do feel like that sometimes. I love books about paranormal creatures, but there only seem to be a few to go around. Vampires especially seem to be the thing to write about, which is probably caused by the hype from Twilight. I haven't read vampire books in a while, simply because I needed something else and there are only so many ways that you can write a vampire story. My favorite paranormal creature is the shapeshifter. And I haven't gotten tired of them yet. I think the key in writing something even when it's something (or a paranormal creature) that has been done before, to take it and make it your own. It's about writing it differently.

      It's like with people. Every person has their own story. Just because we're all people doesn't mean we're all the same. Different people go through different things. So I don't mind if stories are similar. As long as they still manage to be unique while being similar. Some of my favorite "paranormal creature" plotlines are those done by Kelley Armstrong, because she puts her own spin on it, one that can be seen in most of her books. They're all interconnected somehow.

      But that doesn't mean I don't like something completely different, because I do. I appreciate it greatly when an author decides to tackle a plotline or even a paranormal creature that has almost never been done before. Take Rachel Vincent's Soul Screamers series for example. I love that, because it's different and it's awesome. Or the book that I reviewed before Sacred, The Battle Sylph. I loved that too, because it's another one that is different and pretty much awesome.

      I have however seen books written almost exactly the same to other books. And I'm not just talking about small similarities. I'm talking about books where it's really obvious that the author was inspired by another story and somehow drew from that (a lot), to the point that the story loses the element of surprise. That's when I get angry.
      But what can you do?


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