Pondering Pages: What Kind of Mythical Creature Would You Like to Be?

I'm not sure if you know this, but I love shapeshifter books. Actually, I adore them. There's just something about a human being able to change into an animal that completely fascinates me. And all these shapeshifter books I've been reading have made me wonder what kind of mythical (paranormal) creature I would like to be. There are just so many. There are angels, demons, mermaids, shapeshifters, the most popular ones being werewolves, faeries, ghosts. And even though I've been inhaling paranormal books since I was a kid, I'm sure I'm not aware of all paranormal/ mythical creatures. Still, I think I have a pretty good selection to choose from, were I ever to reincarnate as a mythical creature. (Oh, yeah, in case you didn't know, I believe in reincarnation, too. Fascinating stuff, trust me.)

So what kind of mythical creature would I like to be? Well, sadly, I couldn't narrow it down to just one.
Obviously, my first choice would be a shapeshifter. (See: fascinated with shapeshifters at the top of this post).
I couldn't even narrow down the kind of shapeshifter I'd like to be. It's down to a werewolf, a werebird (which would mean I could shift into a bird), a were from the cat family (I can't decide between a werelion or weretiger although I'm leaning towards the tiger, because when I think werelion all I see (in my mind) is weretiger, or a weredolphin.

I just like them so much because I've read so much about them and they're always awesome. I like the whole idea of  being able to hear better and see better. I'm not so sure about the predator, eating live animals thing. *shudder Or the actual shift, which will probably be painful. I'm sure thisgoes for all werecreatures.

When I say werebird I'm thinking more along the lines of were-big-bird, then were-small-bird. It wouldn't do me any good to change into a bird only to get eaten by a bigger bird, like a hawk. Hawks eat small birds, right? If that's not the case than I have been highly misinformed by Stuart Little 2. (Loved that movie when I was a kid by the way. Wait, no, I might still love it. I'll watch it again and I'll get back to you.) Anyway, so I'd like to be more of a were-eagle. I actually read about a werebird and more... in a YA book,  Dr. Franklin's Island by Ann Halam, years ago. Very creepy book.

I just think lions and tigers are cool, you know...from a distance, like a large one. Might that be caused by Lion King? I don't know. But again, I'm not so sure about the whole predator, eating live animals thing. I actually like rabbits...and not as food.

I just like dolphins, they seem like the nicest, friendliest creatures. I'd love to meet one one day. So I wouldn't mind being a weredolphin. But I'm not so sure about living under water 24/7, although I do like swimming.

This brings me to one of my other mythical creature, The mermaid, which honestly isn't very different from the weredolphin, but I like the idea of being able to keep part of my human body, while living underwater. But I'm still not a total fan of having to live under water 24/7. I kind of understand what Ariel was getting at when she was singing "Part of Your World". So I'd rather like to be a mermaid for about a day. And I wouldn't want to be the kind of mermaid who brings sailors to their deaths, or was that sirens? Either way I'd like to be a peaceful mermaid.  I was placed in the Amity faction after all. (For those who don't know what I'm talking about, read Divergent. Trust me, you won't regret it.)

The Witch
I kind of like the idea of being a witch, a white witch of course, being able to do cool spells and stuff. My power, you ask? Telekinesis! I've always wanted to be able to move objects with my mind and according to that TVshow Charmed, it can be a witchy power, think Prue Halliwell. So yeah, that would be cool.

Very important to me, if I was any of these creatures, would be that I wasn't alone. In all cases, I'd like to be part of a community, a family or just a group with more of my "kind".

Ultimately, all this is hypothetical, since I am very happy being human. I think we are awesome,  even though we come off as weak and inferior sometimes.  Plus, we're able to swim and walk on land, we can walk in the sun, we can eat all kinds of crap, we're a size you can actually see easily (unlike faeries), I could go on, so what more could you want?

So sunshines...I think I'm going to call you sunshines from now on, because I have the habit of referring to everyone as "guys" and I'm pretty sure more girls than guys visit my blog. Actual guys, I hope you're not offended if I call you sunshines too, because really, my readers brighten my day and that's you too, um...I hope.

So sunshines, if hypothetically you were told you'd come back as a mythical creature in your next life, but you got to choose which one, which one would you choose?

(Humor me for a second even if you don't believe in reincarnation. Or you could think up your own scenario in which you'd be forced to become a mythical creature. Or you hate being a human and you'd become a mythical creature right now if you could. Whichever. )

Tell me in the comments what kind of mythical creature you'd like to be, you can even invent your own mythical creature if you want. You can also tell me what kind of cool powers would come with the territory. And if you don't like my "forced to reincarnate as a mythical creature" scenario, you can think up your own and tell me that in the comments too.

Have fun with this, sunshines! I certainly did, writing this post :).

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