My Twilight Books Died on Tuesday

So sunshines, it's true, my Twilight books died a few days ago, well, two of them did. They were killed by termites. The termites were killing the books on my highest bookshelf, one I had cleaned a few weeks ago, too. When I realized one of my bookshelves had termites my dad came to help me clean out the shelf. Halfway through I went downstairs to get stuff to clean the books with and my dad said that a few of my black books were "gone". And I was thinking " I don't own any black books..." and then I was like " No, my Twilight books!" They are like the only books I own with almost completely black covers.

And then I was like this

So, yeah, I was sad. I'm still sad. I didn't feel like blogging and I honestly still don't. Plus I've been studying for a test that I was supposed to make today, which didn't happen. But at least I have more time to prepare so while I'm annoyed, I'm also happy about that. 

But I'm still sad. I love the Twilight Saga, there I said it, and I don't care who hates it. These are the books that got me into reading English YA books. I still remember sitting behind my computer a week before really important tests in high school, when I should have been studying, reading the books well into the night. My mom would walk by every few hours asking me if I wasn't supposed to study, while I cursed "the brilliance" of my computer being in the living room, where everyone I could see I wasn't studying. No need to say that I did really REALLY bad on those tests and I heard about it for a while from my mom. But I don't think I cared. I inhaled those books within a few days. And then I got hard copies for my collection of which now two are ruined. And those aren't the only books that are ruined. I lost a lot of good books on Tuesday.

After I got over the shock of everything I decided to take pictures of some of the books. I tried to convince myself they looked pretty and unique, but I'm not sure I succeeded. At least I had fun taking the pictures, well, as much as I could. I decided to post them here, in case none of you have lost a loved one a book to termites or in case you want to mourn my books with me. They were really good books.

The Twilight books

Life Expectancy by Dean Koontz (loved this book by the way)

How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie (Still haven't finished this one)

The Termite Graveyard

I'm sad about all these books and there are a lot more. Luckily, a few of my other "prized books" were in front so some of them didn't get a scratch on them. I am very thankful for that. Yet, I'm still mourning some of the ones I lost.*Sigh


  1. Oh that's so sad! I myself would be crying! All my books I keep are like old friends! Hopefully you can replace them!

    1. Yeah I'm really sad. I love the Twilight books, actually I love all my books and I hate anything happening to them. And this was just brutal. And my Twilight books are special to me. I got them not long after the movie came out and I had to order them because they didn't sell them in our stores yet. I think it was a few months after I got mine that every bookstore in my country started selling them. And now that the madness has died down again the bookstores in my country probably won't have them anymore so I'll have to order them again unless I want them in Dutch, which I don't .

  2. I would have been so sad too! This post makes me want to run home to check on my 'loved ones'

    :( poor books. RIP

  3. Yeah,I really can't believe I didn't notice what was happening. Even though I don't take books from that shelf a lot, I look at it every day. But then again, it's kind of high so maybe that's the reason I didn't notice.


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