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I'm always looking for new movies to watch, either in the cinema or on DVD. And I know, this isn't a book- related post, but then again, this blog isn't just a book blog. I just thought I'd share a few movies with you which have come out or are coming out this year that look really promising.  I'm really drooling over these movies. Care to join me?

Dun dun dun dun (suspense)

OK, so there is:

Underworld: Awakening (Release Date: 20 January 2012)
Underworld: Awakening Poster
I've been dying to see this movie ever since I've heard that it was in the works. Actually I wanted to see it even before that. Come on, these movies (four, if you count this one) are about vampires and werewolves and they're dressed in leather (or at least the lead is). But seriously, that's not why I like them. I like them because they're action-packed, they have an actual good story and Kate Beckinsale has done an amazing job of portraying a strong, kick-ass vampire with a good heart. (Whether it's beating or not is another matter).

The Vow (Release Date: 10 February 2012)
The Vow Poster

This movie stars Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams. You might know Channing from movies such as Step Up, She's the Man and Dear John. And Rachel played the leading lady in the world-renowned The Notebook. She also starred in The Family Stone, Red Eye,The Time Traveller's Wife and other movies.  I honestly think she's an amazing actress. I've loved every movie I watched that had her in it and the plot of this one, while simple, intrigues me. I mean, a couple that gets into a car accident which leads to the woman losing 5 years of her memory. The exact 5 years that she's known her husband. What happens now?  While the trailer gave me an idea, I just have to see the whole movie!

The Hunger Games (Release Date: 23 March 2012)
The Hunger Games Poster

I heard about this movie before I'd even read the books. I knew that the books were big hits and I had wanted to read them years ago, but for some reason I didn't come around to it. But when I realized that there would be a movie (or movies, if everything goes well), I all but ran to read the books. I guess I'd always known I'd love them and I wanted to read them before seeing this movie. And now the movie's almost here! And it looks epic!

The Lucky One (Release Date: 20 April 2012)
The Lucky One Poster

This movie is actually based on a book by Nicholas Sparks of the same title. The funny thing is that I've had this book for a while, but when I watched the trailer I couldn't place it immediately, since I haven't read the book yet. Which is a shame, because it sounds really interesting. It's about a U.S. marine who finds a picture of a woman in the rubble while on duty in Iraq. And when certain things happen, he starts to believe that the picture brings him luck, even going so far as to keeping him safe. And...and afterwards he goes back to America to find this mysterious woman, his lucky charm. Isn't it romantic? Take one good look at the picture for this movie. Why, it's Zac Efron! So do I want to see this movie? Yes, I think so. And guess what, Zac is not the main reason.

What to Expect When You're Expecting (Release Date:18 May 2012)
What to Expect When You're Expecting Poster

I love kids. While I don't have them yet, I do want them someday. But that's not why I want to see this movie. What made me want to see this is that it looks hilarious. And realistic. And with actors like Cameron Diaz and Chris Rock on the scene I have no doubt that I'm going to enjoy this movie.

Brave (Release Date: 22 June 2012)
Brave Poster

This is actually a Disney Pixar movie. I love Disney Pixar. They brought me movies like Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Cars and Up. And a movie about a girl who defies the expectations of those around her to become the person she wants to be? Oh yes, I'm there.

Are you excited? I know I am.

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