Top 10 Book Boyfriends of 2011

This is the third topic of the Top 10 of 2011, the meme hosted by Jessica from Confessions of a Bookaholic, Lisa from A Life Bound By Books, Rachel from Fiktshun and Jaime & Patricia from Two Chicks on Books.

Top 10 Book Boyfriends in 2011

1. Loki from The Trylle Trilogy (introduced in Torn)

Loki is my favorite guy, hands down. He’s sweet, caring, laid back, selfless, a little bit cocky, so sexy and he has a great sense of humor. How can you not love a guy who can make you laugh.*Sigh
(His personality kind of reminded me of Sebastian Roché’s character, Balthazar, on Supernatural).

2. Tod Hudson from The Soul Screamers series

Tod just had to be on the list, although like Rachel From Fiktshun, I consider him Kaylee’s boyfriend, not mine. Either way he’s amazing. It’s a fact. Anyone who’s read If I Die knows it. He can be annoying, irritating(just ask Nash) and cocky (I think it’s sexy), but underneath it all he’s sweet, completely selfless, brave and he has the biggest heart in the world. Once he cares about you, you can always count on him. Always. Plus he has a sense of humor that I just love.

3. Four from Divergent

Four is really smart, sweet and innocent. There is this vulnerability to him that’s rare and endearing. But at the same time he’s strong and exudes confidence. I’m also in love with his way of thinking. It’s very progressive. He’d make a great leader.

4. Peeta Mellark from The Hunger Games

Oh, Peeta you are amazing. Once you love someone you’ll do anything to protect them. You are so sweet and strong.

5. Aiden St. Delphi from Half-Blood

I love Aiden with his mesmerizing silvery eyes. *Sigh He’s a guy who had to grow up too fast when his parents died, so he could raise his brother. (Awesome, am I right? Not the dying part, but the raising his brother part.) He’s serious and responsible, but he also has a really sweet and caring side.

6. Mason Ashford from the Vampire Academy

Mason deserves this spot on my list. He’s just the sweetest guy. He’s loyal, funny, he’s always there for you and he’s completely selfless. He’s just the best friend you can have. And I believe love can’t exist without friendship.

7. Tucker Avery from Unearthly
I really liked Tucker. He’s such an awesome friend to have and he also makes a great boyfriend. I liked how real he was. He loves to tease, but he’s also really sweet and loyal. He’ll always be there to cheer you up.

8. Luke Henry from Forgotten

Luke was so sweet. He’s attentive, romantic, respectful and *sigh. OK, so he’s completely perfect in every way, but who cares. I mean the guy stayed with London even though she kept forgetting who he was and he didn’t know what to make of it. Don’t mind the absence of blue eyes. He’s wearing contacts ;).

9. Clayton Danvers from The Women of The Otherworld series

Clay had to be on the list. I love his sarcasm. Oh, who am I kidding, I think he’s awesome. Well, I think he’s awesome for Elena. Because Clay can be creepy, so much so that he is feared by those around him. But Elena can handle him. They make a great team. Clay respects Elena, trusts her and treats her as his equal in a world where that’s unheard of. Plus their chemistry is off the charts.

 What's this?" Nick said. "Bedtime?" 
No one answered him. I kept my eyes closed. 
You look positively content, Clayton," Nick continued, thumping down on the floor. "That wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that Elena is cuddled up with you, is it?" 
It's cold in here," I murmured. 
Doesn't feel cold." 
It's cold," Clay growled. 
I could start a fire." 
I could start one too," Clay said. "With your clothes. Before you get them off.” 

I just couldn’t resist giving an example of Clay’s creepy awesomeness.

10. Evan Ross from Unleashed

I love Evan. He's fiercely protective of those he cares about, he’s a great friend and ehm…he knows how to make his woman happy. Interpret it however you want.

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  1. This mysterious, suspensful, fantasy has made its way to my list of favorite books. This book had my hooked from start to finish. Carrie Jones does a really good job with this piece of writing. In the end and middle/end I found somethings shocking. And what you least expect happens, and when it does you find yourself completely stunned. Now there is a sequel to this book. Hopefully it is as good as this one. Any fantasy lovers will like this and people who liked the Twilight series may enjoy this book as well.


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