Remembrance by Michelle Madow


Lizzie Davenport has been reincarnated from Regency Era, England ... but she doesn't know it yet. 

Then Drew Carmichael transfers into Lizzie's high school at the beginning of the year, and she feels a connection to him, almost like she knows him. She can't stop thinking about him, but whenever she tries talking with him about the mysteries behind her feelings, he makes it clear that he wants nothing to do with her. Reaching him is even more difficult because she has a boyfriend, Jeremy, who has started to become full of himself after being elected co-captain of the varsity soccer team, and her flirtatious best friend Chelsea starts dating Drew soon after his arrival. So why can't she get him out of her mind? 

Even though Lizzie knows she should let go of her fascination with Drew, fighting fate isn't going to be easy.

What I think:
First of all, I absolutely love the title and the cover of the book. It really suits the book and it's just nice to look at. I know they say not to judge a book by its cover and I don't. While I never decide not to read a book based on its cover, I definitely appreciate creating a cover that is beautiful to look at. 

I also applaud the author for creating such a riveting story from a simple music video. Granted, Taylor Swift's music videos are never truly simple and they always have a story to them, but still. When I finished the book I was like: "You got all that from some video footage?" Talk about inspiration. For those of you who don't know, the book Remembrance is based on Taylor Swift's Love Story. And trust me, the video will take on new meaning after you've read this book. 

Having said all of that, I had a problem with the characters. Actually multiple problems. Lizzie and I were NOT on the same page when it came to the guys. Why, might you ask? Because to me they were -wait a second while I look for a polite way to put this so children can read my review too. Right, found it. To me they were Jerk and Jerkerer (or Jerkier), but you get the point ( I hope).  They were Jerks, basically.

The point is that both guys treated Liz like dirt and I was baffled that she stuck around. The only difference between them was that one treated her bad without completely realizing that he was and that she took everything personally, while the other one deliberately pushed her away only to pull her back again. I felt like punching both guys at separate moments in the book and I honestly don't think I would have stuck around. The guys annoyed me too much and I didn't think either one deserved Lizzie. 

Of course, Michelle Madow turned out to be such a good writer that in the end, she made me forget that I was annoyed with both boys and helped me understand them better only to be severely happy for Elizabeth and the way things turned out. I feel like I betrayed myself. Ugh.

3,5 Smileys

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