Tempus by Tyra Lynn

According to Albert Einstein, the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion. He might have been right.

Seventeen-year-old Jessie McLeod is used to getting glimpses of the past when she touches objects in her dads antique shop, but she's not used to the past looking back. Especially when the past is a gorgeous guy and she is dressed like a slob.

Shocked and intrigued, Jessie becomes obsessed with trying to catch another glimpse of that perfect face. When thoughts of him invade her sleep, the dreams seem so real that she wakes with the feel of his lips lingering on her skin. Soon after, however, the one guy she thought she’d never date suddenly asks her out. Either something strange is going on, or all those years of using furniture cleaner finally caused brain damage.

Brain damage is easy enough to believe—until the day she turns around and looks straight into the face from her dreams. Completely unaware, Jessie is now in a race against time to remember something important, something life-changing, and the one person who can tell her the truth doesn’t dare to—she must remember on her own.

With only a week before senior year, the once self-assured Jessie is now sure of nothing. Well, maybe one thing. Everything’s been turned upside down, and it's all because of that stupid mirror she found in the shop on Monday and the glimpse that changed her future—maybe even her past.

My thoughts
This book was absolutely amazing! 

The story was astonishingly original. It was wonderfully confusing and it pulled me in from the start. 
There was so much to the story, there were so many layers and it was like they were peeled back one at a time, very slowly throughout the book. Or like a puzzle needing to be solved. While the story wasn't exactly action-packed, it was engaging, gripping in a wholly different way. It also made me think, both in trying to understand the story, trying to find out what was going on and at the same time I had to think about what it would mean if something like it existed and what it might be like if I came across it. 

I also loved the quotes at the beginning of each paragraph, they added to the story in their own way, made me think even more about things. 

The characters were real, relatable and had depth. 
Jessie was interesting, smart and funny without even trying. It was very easy to like her. 

And I liked both Steve and Gabriel for different reasons. They were both well-written.
Both were sweet, but I was secretly rooting for Gabriel the entire time I was reading the book. 
I also liked Jessie's dad. He was very sweet and it was very obvious that he loved Jessie. 

And the ending was beautifully done. 

Ultimately this book was something else, it was beautiful, sweet and while I'm still recovering from some of the confusion, it was worth the read. I just loved it. I can't even really explain why without giving important information away. Just read it. I'll probably re-read it, because it's just one of those books. And I usually don't re-read books.

I can’t wait for Arcanus!
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