TV Talk: Castle's Caskett Baby names, Because Why Not?

So since I've been thinking that Beckett (from the TV Show Castle, for those of you who've just joined the party) might be pregnant, it made me wonder about good Caskett baby names. Even if Beckett isn't pregnant now, she'll probably get pregnant at some point on the show. So I figure why not speculate.

I decided that the names had to have some significance, because everything this couple says or does on this show means something. So I thought, which names would mean something to Caskett?

This is what I came up with:

For a boy: - Roy Alexander Castle or Alexander Roy Castle
For a girl: - Nikki Johanna Castle
                  - A name that means "Always"

The first name I came up with was Roy. It seems fitting that they would name their son after captain Montgomery, since he brought them together by pretty much forcing Beckett to work with Castle. He was also Beckett's protector behind the scenes, until he sort of passed that torch to Castle. Though Castle was already protecting Beckett on a daily basis, Montgomery (and Jim) calling on Castle to protect Beckett made it official in a way.

I chose Alexander because I feel like Beckett finding out that Castle's middle name was actually Alexander was a significant moment for her and maybe even for her relationship with Castle. I think it's the first time she realized that there might be a possible future for them in the cards.

The problem with the combination of "Roy Alexander" is that having Roy as a first name, it wouldn't be a stretch to think that people would figure out that they named their kid after the former captain. It could raise questions as to why, from people not part of "the immediate family."

The problem with Alexander Roy is that Castle's daughter is Alexis, which makes me wonder if her name was derived from his middle name. But that wasn't the point I was trying to make. The point is, can you imagine having two kids, Alexander and Alexis or Alex and Alexis? So weird.

For a girl I came up with Nikki, just because of what Special Agent Shaw said about Nikki in season 2. That Nikki was part Beckett, part Castle. It just made sense.

And Johanna, I think Kate would want to honor her mother that way. Also because Johanna's murder is part of what connected Castle and Beckett, what both stunted and furthered their relationship at separate moments throughout the years.

And do I even have to explain why I would want Caskett to give their daughter a name that means "Always"? I think not. I honestly think this would be the perfect choice of a name or rather a name meaning for a girl. The ones I could find that I liked were Aina (pronounced Aheenah) and Zaniyah.

So what do you think? What would you name a future Caskett baby if mr. Marlowe asked the fans to pick the name?


TV Talk: The Season 5 Finale of Castle and Expectations For Season 6


So sunshines,

I know I haven't been on here in a long time, but I have something to discuss that has been bugging me for weeks. So let me bring you up to speed. Recently I've started watching Castle. In case you haven't heard of it, it's a TV show that focuses on a mystery writer named Richard Castle, who is questioned by the NYPD when a murderer kills his victims the same way Castle does in his books. Castle then decides to help with the case, working alongside homicide detectives Beckett, Ryan and Esposito. From the moment he meets Beckett, Kate Beckett that is, the detective who picks him up for questioning, it's obvious that he likes her. He proceeds to try and charm the pants off her, which he fails in miserably. But he doesn't give up and when the murderer is caught, he uses his connections to the mayor to get the NYPD to take him on as an unpaid consultant. This is the start of the amazing adventures of Castle and Beckett.

I think I started watching the show because I liked the idea of a cop and a writer working together to solve murder cases. But then I really started enjoying it when I realized that the combination of Castle and Beckett is hilarious, their constantly clashing personalities, the witty banter, the looks between them, the amazing chemistry, the quiet affection, these two are basically gold. They reminded me a little of Benson and Stabler on Law & Order SVU. So I basically started out watching this show for the humor and ended up watching it for the relationships, and not just the unlikely relationship between Castle and Beckett. Something that this show is good at that Law & Order SVU wasn't, is making every main character equally important. The chemistry between Castle and Beckett may have been the foundation that this show was built on, but the bromance between Ryan and Esposito, the relationship between Castle and his daughter and Castle and his mom, the relationship between Lanie (the awesome Medical Examiner) and Esposito and the friendship between Beckett and Lanie, even the relationships between Ryan and Castle and Esposito and Castle, all of it is good. This show's main thing might be humor, but it does realistic situations, relationships and drama just as well.

The writing is amazing, bringing the use of subtext and foreshadowing to a whole new level. And the actors bring all of it to life so well. But all of this brings me to what I really want to talk about when it comes to this show. I'm invested, in this show. I've recently watched the season 5 finale and I need to talk about it. Especially since I won't be getting any answers to the multitude of questions, thoughts and ideas I have until September. If you haven't seen the show or the latest episode for that matter and you want to, I urge you to stop reading now, because things are about to get spoilery.

-------------------POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK--------------------

So everyone who's seen the latest Castle episode knows that the Caskett relationship has been rocky recently. The "happy" couple exchanged "I love you's and where many of the Caskett fans thought that that would be the beginning of the Caskett fairytale, we (and yes, I was one of them) were sadly mistaken.

1. The relationship insecurities
It turned out that Caskett was as insecure as ever about their relationship, or at least Beckett was. And while a lot of people think that this is absurd, I kind of get it. This couple has firmly left the honeymoon phase in their relationship and questions are starting to arise. Questions like "Where is this relationship going?", "Are we going to make it?", "Have we just been kidding ourselves this whole time?" Questions that have been asked before, but that were either ignored or nipped in the bud with "we'll figure it out as we go along" remarks.

But anyone that has seen these two together knows that they truly love each other and are amazing together. They've been through so much together and the reason that they've made it this far is because they've always had each other's backs, so much so that it has become second nature.  They trust each other with their lives, they're willing to die for each other or die trying to save the other person if they're in trouble. A lot of the time they're in synch, both in thought and action, they're very good at reading each other (athough there seems to be a decline in that) and they're usually not afraid to speak their minds. But the truth is that even though all of the above is true, they are on new territory.

Despite all that has been mentioned above, they, and this is mostly due to Beckett, have used their work relationship as an excuse to stay formal, and look the other way when they weren't. They're notorious for ignoring the elephant in the room, namely their feelings for each other and they're terrified, even now that they're actually a couple, of defining those feelings, of talking about what those feelings mean, for their future, for a life together.

In the end, loving each other and being willing to die for each other isn't enough. Because they still don't know if they're on the same page, they don't know what the other person is thinking, if there actually is a future to be had. Neither of them knows what the other person wants or expects of the relationship.

Right now, their relationship is based on split-second decisions made when the stakes are high, when they stand to lose everything. But admitting out loud that you love someone, that you want a future with them, that you believe in them enough, believe in the relationship enough to actually commit to a future with them, letting them see or rather hear what's in your heart, and not just when the stakes are high, that takes courage, it takes trust, making yourself vulnerable, vulnerable for ridicule, for rejection. But it's necessary.

Sometimes it's just easier to show then tell. Because if you get scared you can always deny or redefine with your words what you meant with your actions. But once you use your words to define your actions, you put yourself out there. And you can't take it back. So it's true that actions speak louder than words and words alone are not enough, but sometimes words are necessary, to accompany the actions, to strengthen them. Because sometimes assumptions made based on actions performed can be wrong. And I think the possibilty of that is what caused Caskett's relationship insecurities.

2.The job
Now Kate has been offered a job and again, I get her considering it. As she said, it's a great opportunity to do more. But I think it's more to her than that. It's a way of getting back the life she was supposed to have. I think she still hasn't let go of the girl she was before her mother's death. The truth is that her mom's death was a game-changer, a big one. She went from the girl who was set for big things, great accomplishments, an amazing education, career and financial status to the girl willing to do anything to solve her mom's murder, even give up her dreams, her parents' dreams for her. And maybe somewhere she still wants those dreams,  that life, maybe she feels like she's let her parents down. Like she's let herself down by not being the best she could be. So she might not be able to be the lawyer she was supposed to be, but maybe she can do the next best thing, advance in her own field.

And I don't think she even considered how Castle would play into all of that when she was thinking about the job, of how he would react to this job offer, of her even considering moving to another city. I have no doubt that she loves him and that she had no intention of ending the relationship, which means she definitely didn't want to think about the possibility of actually getting this job and that that would most likely mean the end of their relationship. Maybe not at first, but eventually. Or she did consider all of it and it terrified her, so she buried it. She knew it would hurt him and if there's anything we've learned, it's that Beckett hates hurting Castle. I know people think she lied to Castle because she's selfish, but history has taught us that when Beckett thinks something will hurt Castle, whether it be something she said, did or is going to do, she keeps it from him. Which is exactly what she did with this job offer, she kept it from him and then proceeded to lie about it. Because what you don't know can't hurt you, right? This episode proves how wrong that saying can actually be.

3. The proposal
Then there's the proposal, Castle's solution to all of their problems. On the surface it comes off either as desperate, romantic or just confirmation of Castle's devotion and commitment to Beckett, depending on who you are. And as a fan, your reaction to this proposal probably ranges from confused, surprised, excited to just plain angry and/or underwhelmed. Personally, at first I belonged in the "desperate proposal, therefore angry and underwhelmed" fan category. But the more I think about it, the less I believe the proposal was just out of desperation. I've been trying to figure out why Castle proposed despite the attitude of doom  he displayed from the moment he found out about that job offer throughout the rest of the episode, even during the proposal, and what what he said to Alexis about seeing things how they really are meant. This is what I came up with.

Anyone who has been watching the show knows that Beckett's the one who sets the pace in the relationship, the one who usually ends up making the big decisions. Because Castle lets her. It's the reason he's come so far with her throughout the years, part of how he got her to let him in. And I think this is the exact reason why Castle hasn't tried to define the relationship before. Beckett coming to him for a change (in the season 4 finale), instead of the other way around, was progress. Progress I think he wasn't willing to ruin with too much relationship talk. Because every time he did, every time he tried to push for more when she wasn't ready (granted, he's the master of bad timing, but still) she pushed back harder, pushing him out of her life. Of course, the fact that he probably hasn't gotten over his failed marriages and talking about his relationship with Beckett would most likely bring up questions and issues regarding those marriages and why they didn't work out probably didn't help matters. But even so, his issues pale compared to Beckett's.

And I think Castle really did see a future with Beckett, that he has seen a future with her for a while. Even before they became a couple. A future that would eventually come to pass. That it was coming to pass, they were making progress, she'd stopped attacking and pushing him away and instead slowly but surely started to let him in. I think he knew they weren't there yet, but he thought that things were going well.

And then here comes this job offer and Beckett's considering it, which in his mind must mean that she's ready to leave. Without him. I think Castle feels like he's been kidding himself, that the future he thought they were going to have, when they were both ready to move forward, was nothing more than a dream. That all the time and effort he's put in this relationship, all the progress he'd thought he'd made taking down her walls, didn't do much.She had made entirely different future plans. Plans that apparently didn't include him. Not even planning for those plans included him.  I think he feels cheated and hurt. But mostly I think he just feels disillusioned. Hence the attitude of doom.

But seriously, the entire proposal scene made me queasy. Right before Castle proposed, Beckett looked on the verge of tears. And Castle looked like he was mourning the loss of a loved one throughout the entire thing, which he probably was. A girl really shouldn't think a guy is trying to break up with her when he's actually trying to propose and a guy really shouldn't propose with the expectation that the girl will almost certainly say no.  Leave it to Caskett to make even a proposal scene unique in a completely Caskett way. Given their track record when it comes to all the important milestones, I really shouldn't be surprised.

So why did Castle propose? I think it's because he loves her, because giving her everything he has is what he does. But I think the main reason for it is desperation. He can't imagine a life that doesn't have her in it and he doesn't want to lose her. And Castle has a history of proposing because "it seems like the right thing to do at the time", not because the other person is "the one". And I think that history is repeating itself. It's a shame, because in this case I think Beckett really is "the one", that Castle really loves her, but he wasn't capable of basing his decision to propose to her on that, because he's weighed down by the pain caused by her deceit and the fear of losing her.  I also think that him telling her " That's who you are" as a response to her apologizing for keeping secrets wasn't him accepting her. I feel like it was more him resigning to her behavior. He said that he wanted more, but I think he's willing to settle for less if that means he gets to have her. He literally just wants her. Whatever part of herself she's willing to give. And that makes me sad, for both of them. Because as Castle said, they both deserve more. And a proposal won't necessarily give them that (not if they don't talk, really talk), even though Castle thinks it might.

So what do I expect to see in season 6?

- A time jump. I watched the Billboard Music Awards and it looks like Stana cut her hair. It would be hard to pick up right where they left off, if Beckett has shorter hair, unless they put in extensions, which I don't think they'll do. As always, I think they'll do a time jump of a couple of months.

- Beckett won't take the job. Based on her almost content expression towards the end of the episode, while talking to Ryan and Espo and when walking towards the swings, I think Beckett was planning on telling Castle that she wasn't taking the job. I'm a girl and I don't think I'd be even close to smiling if I had decided to crush my boyfriend's heart by breaking up with him, unless the guy was horrible and/or it was clear that he didn't love me. None of which applies to Castle.  So I think Beckett would have looked somewhere along the lines of tense if she had decided to take the job and break up with Castle. The "jaw clenched, on the verge of tears, staring in the distance" look she gets when it seemed like Castle was going to break up with her, confirms that breaking up with Castle was not her plan.

- Beckett will say no/ not yet to the proposal. Despite the fact that Beckett wanted to know where their relationship was going, I don't think this is what she meant. I honestly don't think Beckett is ready to get married. And I also think that she'll jump to the same conclusions I did at first. That Castle isn't proposing just because he loves her, but because he's afraid of losing her. And I know that people think that him saying that whatever she decided, he wanted to marry her meant that he would follow her to D.C. if that's what it took. And I truly believe that as well, but honestly, her going after this job might be a way of letting Castle down easy for all he knows. She might not want him to follow. So him losing her is still on the table. It's still a reason for him to propose.

- A Caskett engagement. Not immediately but at some point throughout the season.

- A Caskett pregnancy. And I don't mean somewhere in the distant future, near the end of season 6.  
*Dramatic pause
I mean now. Beckett  might be pregnant. Now hear me out. Fans have been speculating about a possible proposal or pregnancy for...ages a while. And while I noticed all that, I never jumped on that train before. Because while I knew all of it was a possibility, I didn't think the writers would go there, at least not yet. But now they have very clearly gone the proposal route. And now I think they might go the pregnancy route as well. What they'll do with that pregnancy, how they'll make it work, I don't know, but that's not the point. 

So why do I think she's pregnant? You know that content expression Beckett had on her face near the end of the episode? It took me forever to come up with what it could mean.  I later settled on her deciding to stay, but originally one of the first things, if not the first thing, that came to mind when I saw it, was that she was pregnant. There is just something about that expression. 

Then there was Ryan's remark that maybe Beckett was pregnant and especially Espo's response that she wasn't, that she couldn't be. I saw that as a message, either the writers were trying to tell us that it's absurd that we could possibly believe that Beckett was pregnant right now, or it was foreshadowng combined with trying to throw us off the scent. And this show is just so good at foreshadowing. A lot of what is said and done on this show usually has a double meaning, it comes back, is used later in some way, almost like a prophecy coming true. 

Then there's what Beckett said in that interrogation room. Up to that point I think Beckett was planning to take the job. But something changed in that moment. She called the precinct her home. She also asked the suspect "How many years of your life are you willing to sacrifice for someone else's future? Or are you ready to deal?" I think there was a lot that was meant by what was said by Beckett in that interrogation scene. I'm still not sure what all of it means, but there might be a baby hint somewhere in there.

So in true Caskett-fashion, I decided to investigate. Let's just call it research into human behavior and the minds of the writers, actors and characters. First, I went through the entire finale again to look for any physical indication that Beckett might be pregnant, her absently rubbing over her stomach, a bulge, anything. And I came up empty. 

Then I looked up why other people thought Beckett was pregnant and that's when I found something. It turns out that Beckett seems to have developed an aversion to coffee. In episode 11(5X11) Castle brings her coffee and she takes it eagerly despite the fact that she has a steaming cup of it on her desk. She then takes a sip of Castle's coffee and makes a face, like she doesn't like the taste of it. In 5X12, Castle brings her coffee, but she doesn't drink it, not even a sip. Instead she sets it down on her desk, frowns a little and proceeds to stare at it for a couple of seconds until she gets up from her desk. In the season 5 finale, Castle, once again, brings her coffee, but she's not at all happy to see it. Again, she doesn't even take a sip.When Castle hands it to her, she even looks at him warily, like she's expecting him to say something about her not drinking it. The next morning she throws it out and based on how the episode went, I'm pretty sure it's the same coffee and that she just didn't drink it.There are other instances. In "The Squab and the Quail", Castle hands her a cup of coffee and while she's happy with the gesture, again, she doesn't drink it. She even gets up without it. (This is actually also something that happened in 1X09 when Sorenson handed her a cup of coffee. She took it, but she didn't drink it, just stared at it and then got up without it. She wasn't pregnant then, but she was sort of angry with Sorenson at the time so I attributed it to that.) In "Still", she ignores the coffee completely, under the guise that she's late. Separately, all these instances can be explained away, but if you put them together? Something's up. Because we all know how Beckett loves her coffee. And she usually drinks the coffee Castle brings her. 

Then there's the wine. This is me reaching a little, but I remembered watching 5X19 and seeing how Beckett took a sip of her red wine near the end of the episode, frowned at it and then gave her glass to Castle, who set it down. They then rolled (in Castle's wheelchair) to his room, leaving the wine behind altogether. I remember thinking at the time that it was a shame that the writers/ producers gave the actors bad tasting wine if they were supposed to be enjoying it. But then I realized, what if it had been part of the script? And then I also realized that I haven't seen Beckett drinking more than a sip or two of her wine when she has been drinking.

And here's me reaching even more. When Ryan and Espo ask Beckett what's wrong, she sighs and looks down. But it's weird, she doesn't just avert her eyes, like she doesn't want to talk about it, she looks down. At first I thought that it was her way of averting her eyes, but the angles are weird. Then I thought she was looking at papers/ reports, while talking as she often does, but she gave all of that to Espo or Ryan a second before and her answer has nothing to do with the case. All she has left is the folder. Then I thought it was Stana taking a peek at her lines in her folder because I can hear papers rustling, which makes sense, but it could also have been written into the script and at the same time given Stana that opportunity . It just seems like too much of a coincidence that she looks in the direction of her stomach after Ryan and Espo's question. But I'm definitely reaching here.

The truth is, I don't know if Beckett's pregnant. If she is, I don't know how the writers will make it work, because I definitely thought this was something they'd do at the end of the series. All I know is that there is enough there that if she is pregnant, it won't be out of the blue. As always, the writers laced subtle hints throughout the episodes to tip us off to...something. It's something they always do and do well. Now, what that means exactly is anyone's guess. But putting everything together, a pregnancy makes the most sense. If Beckett is pregnant and has been since 5X11, she would be between 4 and 5 months in the finale, which wouldn't necessarily mean she'd be showing, which she clearly isn't. But if Beckett isn't pregnant, even though I truly believe that she is or could be, all that I've mentioned can be explained away. That's the beauty and brilliance of the writing of this show.

So in the end, I'm either one of the most paranoid people ever when it comes to this show, which given the record this show has in both subtext and foreshadowing I think I have a right to be...or I'm right and the writers are even more brilliant then I thought. Not because of the pregnancy, but because if I'm right and it's true then they have found a brilliant and extremely subtle way to both show and hide a pregnancy in a string of episodes. And a pregnancy isn't easy to hide.

Edit: I'm editing this post as I'm rewatching season 5 and discovering new proof, maybe, of a possible probable definite Beckett pregnancy. I found two other possible hints that could point to a Beckett pregnancy. In 5X14 Beckett puts honey in her coffee! Honey! With the utmost attention and precision. I've never known Beckett to put honey in her coffee, let alone with so much care. The whole thing just screams: The "Oh please God let this work" experiment to making "my", as in Beckett's, coffee taste better. Add that to everything else I've mentioned, you have to admit, it's weird. If she is pregnant, it's clear that by this episode she still has no idea. She must think it's some kind of fluke that her coffee suddenly doesn't taste as good.

Oh, and I realized when the first possible hint of a pregnancy is dropped. It's in 5X11 before the double coffee weirdness. It isn't really a hint, but if she's pregnant, it could be meant as one. When they interview the rapper Darius aka MC Thug, Beckett calls  him Darius and he says: "Nobody calls me Darius unless you’re my Mama. And by the looks of that body, you ain’t." I loved the character of MC Thug by the way. He was hilarious. I think I loved him just as much as I loved Random and the wordsmith that Castle liked so much. I just love funny criminals. But back to Beckett, or rather the hint that isn't really a hint, but could be. I didn't think much of it at first, just like I didn't think much of any of these instances, which I think is the point. They're all just subtle enough that they can be easily overlooked, that they almost don't register or don't register as weird, but they're there enough to be noticed if you look hard enough.

Oh, there's also 5X06 which could possibly be seen as the first hint of a future Caskett pregnancy, Castle establishing that he would like the option of having more kids and Beckett reacting to that with a frown followed up with a smile.

There are more possible hints but I'll leave it at this.

So what do you think?

  • Will Beckett take the job?
  • What will Beckett's response to the proposal be?
  • Will Beckett break up with Castle?
  • Is Beckett pregnant?
  • If Beckett's not pregnant, is there something else going on and if so, what exactly?
  • Do you expect a Caskett wedding this coming season?


The Lizzie Bennet Diaries Obsession Channeled into...Something

Hi, sunshine!

I know I haven't been around a lot, but all that's going to change. I'm going to start reviewing books again, something I haven't done in a while, but really want to do again. There are so many great books out there and a lot of them deserve to be gushed about. But I also realized that I miss thinking on paper...or in this case, thinking in HTML? Anyway, you get the point. There is so much awesomeness I come across every day, sometimes I even create awesomeness and I like sharing all of it.

So I'm starting with some videos I put together not too long ago. Of course, I had epic source material. I am obsessed with The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, so much so that I created 2 videos using some of the show's clips. I actually created 3 videos, but the second is a polished and re-uploaded version of the first so I won't post the first. Who knows, I might even end up doing some fan art as well.


Contest Entry for an ARC of The Nightmare Affair by Mindee Arnett: Meet Liz Drake

The author of The Nightmare Affair, Mindee Arnett, is having a really great contest. We’re supposed to show her our visual interpretation of Magickind. Up for grabs is an ARC of The Nightmare Affair. It’s about a Nightmare, a mythical creature who feeds on the dreams/ nightmares of others.

You can check it out here: Goodreads

The Nightmare Affair

I first came in contact with nightmares through the Soul Screamers series and I think the idea is extremely cool. I’m intrigued. When I think about Magickind, the first thing that comes to mind is dragons.

So for this contest I decided to interview a friend of mine and show a drawing I did of her.

Me: Meet Lizette Drake. She’s a dragon shifter.

Liz: Hey, don’t tell everyone that! No human knows, you know. And I prefer Liz.

Kal: Heey, dragongirl.

Liz: Well, except for Kal. That would be him. He’s my best friend.

Me: But what did you think we were going to talk about when I asked you to do a video with me?

Liz: I don’t know, vampires, werewolves or that yummy alien from the Lux series. Daemon, I think his name was?

Me: Sorry about that, I thought you knew. Is it okay? We can stop, if you want.

Liz: No, that's okay. 

Me: I hope you don’t mind that I drew a picture of you.

Liz: No, it’s fine. It’s actually pretty good. I like that you drew me half human, half dragon.

Me: Thanks. It's actually not finished yet. I still need to color it. It's a shame that in this one your fiery red hair and that beautiful blue crystal around your neck haven't been done justice.  But anyway, Liz, tell us someting about yourself.

Liz: Well, since you’ve already pretty much told everyone... My name is Liz and I’m a dragon shifter. Kal likes to call me dragongirl. He says no one will believe I’m an actual dragon girl. I guess he’s right. Stories have been told for centuries about my kind, but no one really believes them. Kal wouldn’t have believed hem either if it wasn’t for...

Me: If it wasn’t for what?

Liz: Well..., there was the incident that happened when I was 5. But what really brought the whole thing home was the accident that happened when I was 13. *sigh I was really lucky no one else found out what I am.

Me: Do tell.

Liz: Well, you see, Kal and I have known each other since we were really little. We pretty much grew up together. We’re neighbors and I didn’t listen when my parents told me to stay away from the human boy next door. I was curious, so I would go over to his house and play with him whenever my parents weren’t looking. Now, we turn for the first time when we’re about five. We’re actually born human, or at least looking like humans. Our eyes start out yellowish-gold when we’re born but the color fades to some shade of brown within the first few hours. Something about the heat in the womb supposedly causes the golden color of our eyes. Anyway, when we’re about 5 we turn for the first time. We heat up, start running a fever, which makes our eyes turn golden and once our body stops fighting the transformation, we turn. It just so happens that when that happened to me, Kal was with me. He actually saw my eyes flash golden, but my family convinced him that he was seeing things.

Then, when we were thirteen, I accidentally set my tent on fire on a camping trip. I was trying to light a fire with two rocks, but it didn’t work. Kal came over to help, but I was already so frustrated, sweat was dripping down my face, and I wanted to light the fire so badly that I sort of lost control of my body and lit the fire the only way I apparently knew how, with my breath. It wasn’t pretty. The tent caught fire and Kal helped me put it out and then covered for me. He told our guide that he’d brought matches to light the fire because it was easier and that he’d thrown the lit match he’d used over his shoulder without thinking afterwards.

Me: So, how did Kal react to you being a firebreather?

Liz: Well, he thinks it’s cool, has from the moment he found out.

Me: Do you have any special powers?

Liz: Well, I can breathe fire, shoot it from my eyes, manipulate it, create it with my hands in the shape of fire balls (in human form) and throw them. I can also sear/burn things with my hands. But my powers aren’t at full strength yet. That’ll happen when I turn 18. And myunique power will kick in then, too.

Me: Your unique power?

Liz: Yeah, each of us gets a power that’s specific to us when they turn 18, sometimes they’re passed on from our ancestors, sometimes we get an entirely new power, but that’s rare.

Me: So, you can possibly get your mother or father’s power?

Liz: Usually it would be my great grandmother or great great grandfather’s power or something like that.

Me: Well, what about your parents? What power do they think you’ll get?

Liz: Well, my parents died when I was 7, so it would be hard for them to have an opinion about it now.

Me: O gee, what happened?

Liz: Hunters happened. You see, the dragon state is our natural state. When we first turn, our body fights the transition, but after that it’s pretty easy. But when we get old, the term natural state gets a little more serious meaning. We’re pulled to stay dragon and if we stay in our natural state for too long we become more animal than human. Our predatory nature takes over, we can basically lose our minds, lose ourselves. Our human side just fades away and we become a firebreathing monster. Some of us retreat into a cave. It’s like Alzheimer’s but only it happens to dragon shifters. And once we cross that line, there’s no getting back from that. That’s what happened to a distant uncle of mine. My parents went to help but my uncle had already killed a human and was hunted and killed because of it. His entire family was killed, too, including my parents, because they were there.

Me: That’s horrible.

Liz: It is. But it's okay. It was a long time ago.

*The interview you’ve read is completely fictional. Liz Drake and her friend Kalil, Kal for short, merely exist in my head. ;)


Daily Discovery: Darcybot in love

I can't help it. I have to post this video right now. I'm all about The Lizzie Bennet Diaries right now. I'm dying to see the next episode and this is what I found in the meantime.

If you're also going through LBD withdrawals, check out the Vlogbrothers You Tube Channel's latest video where Ashley Clements and Daniel Vincent Gordh do a really sweet reading of The Fault in Our Stars by John Green at Carnegie Hall.

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